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You bought a new home for a reason.

Your home should be defect free... it is the largest investment you will ever make, your Warranty should be here to protect you and your investment.

Receive money to cover your repairs.

Let us help you navigate your claims process so that we can get you funds to repair your defects properly.

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Submitting a Claim can be a daunting task, let us help you submit your claim properly so that it can result in a successful repair.

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Did you know you can dispute a claim? Provide us with the details and we will do it for you. It is absolutely possible to dispute a claim and have it reviewed and approved, we do it every single day.

Can you Overturn a ruling?

So you have had a claim denied or closed... We can review the claim and provide the necessary information so that it can be overruled and approved.

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The best way to contact us is through our Online Specialists available 24/7. They can gather your info and put you through to a Warranty Expert anytime of the day or night. Alternatively, you can call our office and we will gladly help you.


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